Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Sexy Sister Sevy

Hai I am Vickey and I am 23 Year old . I live in Ludhiana. I was very horny for my Cousin Sevy who lived at JALANDHAR and is very frank with me. She is 20 years old with a very well built body. She has a nice pair of Big Boobs. She had a perfect figure 36-26-36. Every part of her body is full of Sex. Her pink lips, Beautiful Breast, her big ass, sexy thighs. She is simply a sex bomb.  It happened when one day she visited our home. Where me and my Parents live. At the time when she came our home I was at my computer institute. When I came back home I saw that my mom was not in the house. I looked around I found no one.

Then I came to my room and found that my Cousin was sleeping on my bed in her see-through night gown that was up at her ass. I could clearly see her white panties and her milky thighs. This sight led my penis to grow to its full length. She awake after two three minutes and noticed my erect dick as I was continuously looking at her uncovered part. She smiled a little and said “Hello”. She then went out of room and my mother arrived from market. My parent had to go out of station for a week and for my good luck Sevy had visited us for a week too. After my parents had gone it was my cousin and me alone at home and she told me that she wanted to go out for a dinner and I agreed. After some time when she came after changing her dress she was looking superb. She was wearing a white top with no bra inside because I could clearly see her erect nipples through her dress and a mini skirt. As I was driving the car I started talking about her B.F. & about sex and I came to know that she didnat have a boyfriend and she is virgin.

I was shifting the gear I knowingly put my hand on her thigh she just closed her eyes as if she had enjoyed it. Then I started moving my hand towards her breast I felt her hard nipple from her top and she replied with her hand on my dick. Now without having a dinner I changed the route back towards home. She unzipped me and put her hand in my underwear. She unbuttoned my pant while I was driving a car she lowered my pant and my underwear to my knees. Then I put my hand in her top and started pressing her tits. She then removed my hand from her tits and held my hard dick and started playing with it and then kissing it. Then she put it into her mouth and started giving me a Blowjob of my life. I was in heaven enjoying every moment of it.

We reached home and I removed her top and believe me she had the best pair of Boobs that I had seen in my life. I started sucking her Boobs as hard as could she was moaning “Aahhhhhhhhh”, “Ahhhmmmmm” after that I removed her Skirt and to my Surprise she was not wearing any Panties. She removed my clothes too. We were totally nude now. She asked me that she wanted to see some Hardcore Pictures then I started my Internet and visited “Indian-Stories” we read some erotic stories from Indian-Stories Erotic Stories and seen some Hardcore Pictures. She was very Horny Now. I kissed on her lips and afterwards our tongues were dancing I started sucking her boobs then moved down kissed her inner thighs finally reached her pussy I kissed her pussy she moaned, ” Aahhhhh” I started kissing her outer lips. She was moaning “aaaahhhhh aur chato meri phude ko.Bahenchod. Yeh Tumhare Lora ki Pyasi hai.”, “fuck me with your tongue Aahhhhhh” she asked me she was Cumming and then gave me a lot of juice. I swallowed it. She tastes great. After that she put my Cock in her mouth. WOW it was a great feeling. She was doing it with a great favour and was enjoying it. She was having my full length in her mouth and I was giving her mouth fuck with my Motion. I asked her that I am coming she said, ” I want to taste your cum Give it to me Brother” and I unloaded my gun in her mouth she licked it all from my penis. I gave her a French kiss.

Now the time was to fuck her. I laid her down on the bed and asked her to spread her legs a let me fuck you. Then I got on top of her. I forced my cock head into her pussy-mouth and then inch-by-inch I forced my whole rod in her Love hole. She wrapped her legs around my waist very tightly with a loud noise, “Ouchhh this will kill me”. Something ripped inside her, snapped like a rubber band. It was her hymn. Some blood came out of her Pussy. She laid motionless under me. Then I started some pumping and slide my cock in and out of her. She started moaning, “Ohh yes Aaahhhhh ooohhhhhh do it, do it hard “. I increased my speed . She moaned, ” I love it. I love you Bahenchod. You are my love. I Love you Lund “Her legs were around my neck as I ranned my cock into her tight vagina. She was screaming “Harder,harder”, so I kept the pace. She moaned, aaOOHH YEAH – AAHHH AAHHH – HARDER – HARDERaa The force in her legs wrapped around me decreased which and finally landed on the bed. I was still moving back and forward. I felt her cum twice. Her thick juice fell on my dick and ran down to my testes. I was about to cum too and she also came to know that because I had increased my speed of motion. She told me that she want me to cum inside of her because she in her period and could not have a baby. I also had not wanted to miss the fun of Cumming inside her. So I decided to cum inside her. She cried, “Cum in my pussy, Vickey. I want to feel your hot, sticky cum in my pussy.” I came in her with the a great force. We collapsed on the bed and held each other for a long time, expressing our wishes to do it again. After that it went on for a week . We slept together every night. I fuck her in the morning; I fuck her before dinner, and fuck her before two of us go to bed to fuck some more. Usually I go to sleep with my Dick in Sevy as asshole from behind, and two of us remain couple all night, waking up periodically to fuck to a climax.