Sunday, April 18, 2010

born to tease and fuck

This was the kind of day that holidays were made for. It was warm and sunny with the lightest of breezes to keep me cool. I had been sunbathing in the back yard since early this morning and now it was getting on for four thirty. Soon I would have to go indoors and wait for the phone call from my parents asking if everything was ok.
They were over at my Mommy’s sister’s place for a couple of days. I didn’t mind looking after myself for this short time, in fact I was finding being alone very exciting. I still had about an hour before they rang so I went back to my sunbathing.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My hot Sexy Cousin Sherlin

Hi all, this is Ricky this side. I want to share an experience with my cousin sister 5 years ago. I was only 18 then and my cousin sister was six months older to me. Her name is Sherlin and I called her lovingly “shannooo” and she lives in a joined family. I was in my first year of my engineering at that time and also quite good looking to. I am 5’10” with a strong body, whereas Sherlin’s figure is 34-26-34. During the time of my ragging,

My little Sexy sister

Hello I am Jerry - 22 years old . I like rlzex a lot and i'm its regular reader. Once when my parents were out, I just switched on my pc . She is 4 years younger than me and so she asked me to teach about internet. She is so sexy with big tits. I accepted to teach her internet.

Getting seduced by friend's girlfriend

Hi Friends this is Paul, I am a big fan of dis site and love fantasizing on the stories here. I never thought such incident could also happen with me. But it did, This is my first attempt to write a story… so please forgive if I write something wrong. I am really excited about writing about the incident as it was a enthralling experience of my life.
It was not my first sexual experience though, I have been involved in sexual and intimate acts with many of my girlfriends before, but this was something different, Telling about me, I am a 5 feet 10 inch well built guy with wheatish complexion. But my vital assets are my long hairs and sexy eyes. Many of my girlfriends tell me that they get flat on my hair itself and always clinch and play with my hair when we have sex.